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  • NEWGohan-ya-bin, a mass food delivery service

    Gohan-ya-bin, a mass food delivery service
    Gohan-ya-bin," a bulk rice delivery service, is launched exclusively in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa.
  • As an integrated rice manufacturer

    As an integrated rice manufacturer
    From purchasing rice from the producing regions to milling, rice processing, and sales. Mitsuhashi Rice is involved in all stages of the rice production process.
  • Safety and Security

    Safety and Security
    We employ a traceback system and an external evaluation system for surveys. We always strictly control our products.
  • Mitsuhashi Rice Meister

    Mitsuhashi Rice Meister
    Mitsuhashi Rice actively supports employees who wish to acquire the Rice Meister certification.
  • online store

    online store
    In response to customer demand, Mitsuhashi Rice's popular products are now available for purchase online.
  • Mitsuhashi Library

    Mitsuhashi Library
    In this first installment, we introduce the origin of Mitsuhashi Rice and its founder, Kojiro Mitsuhashi.
  • The process of milling rice to produce delicious rice
  • How to cook and process delicious rice

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List of Notices

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